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Your Life Can Be like the Garden of Versailles

Create Your Ideal Life:  Ask, Believe, Receive

Lisa Nichols, in The Secret, describes the 3 Steps of the Law of Attraction.

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Step 1:  Ask

The first step is to ask. Make a command to the Universe. Let the Universe know what you want. The Universe responds to your thoughts.

Step 2:  Believe

Step two is believe. Believe that it’s already yours. Have what I love to call unwavering faith. Believing in the unseen.

Step 3:  Receive

Step three, and the final step in the process, is to receive. Begin to feel wonderful about it. Feel the way you will feel once it arrives. Feel it now.

How do you use this Law of Attraction to create and grow your life?  How do you determine what you want to plant where and how long each of those plants, those ideas and possibilities, may take to mature, to blossom, to grow into their fullness?  How do you plant and grow the ideal garden of your life?

The Garden of Versailles is one of the most renowned gardens in the world.  The many planting areas flow out from the base of the Versailles Palace and cover approximately 250 acres.  Created in the 17th century, it is Europe’s largest palace garden to this day and often touts being the most famous garden in the world.

When the French architect Andre de Notre began the design he had a triple-threat: he was faced with swampy areas of land, a lack of faith in his ability, and overpowering odds as this type and size of endeavor had never been accomplished. None the less, he brought everything together: he was aligned with the Law of Attraction. Today his accomplishments continue to be enjoyed by hundreds of thousands each year.

Do the challenges he faced feel similar to the challenges you may be facing as you continue to create the garden called your life?  Do the overwhelming odds that lay before him compare to the limiting beliefs you hold concerning what is actually possible in your life?

Andre de Notre found the way to overcome these challenges, the societal norms and expectations of his time and created a masterpiece.  He accomplished this marvelous outcome by shifting his beliefs of what was possible; by living in alignment with the 3 steps of the Law of Attraction; and thus drawing to him the ideas, insights, and support to achieve his dream.

What are you attracting as you create the garden of your life each and every day?  What do you believe is possible?  What are you experiencing as the outcome of those beliefs?  And what would you like to shift to achieve a better life?



As I have stated in earlier articles, the Law of Attraction is one of the easiest laws to impart and one of the most challenging to manage.  This unique combination of challenge and ease, request and result are often misunderstood.  For, when we request a result to occur in our lives, we must first believe it is possible to have this result, and then we must expect it to happen.

Begin utilizing the Law of Attraction in its most magnificent manner.  Create the template for the garden of your life.  Create this template no matter how old or young, how rich or poor, how architecturally proficient or challenged you may feel.

Create the template you desire for the garden of your life, for the manner in which your life will bloom, some with areas of riotous color and others with a striking stability in color.  On a tablet of paper, begin to envision the garden of your life.  Instead of shrubs and trees, include people and places; instead of pansies and orchards, insert opportunities and awareness.

Once you have the template, begin to consider each of the areas in more detail.  Which of the areas are already present in your life?  Are you honoring these areas or overlooking them because they seemed too easy to create?

Which areas in your life do not fit with your ideal template?  Are you holding limiting beliefs?  Consider how you might change your beliefs to allow these areas of your garden to grow and flourish: to optimize through the Law of Attraction.

Simply consider how the beliefs you hold are creating the garden you are currently living within. Then, using the template of the dream of the garden of your life, begin to shift certain of your beliefs.  Find individuals who are living the aspects you desire in your garden and discover the beliefs they hold which are different from yours; discover how you are worthy of shifting your beliefs to create these more dynamic and enjoyable (and peaceful and colorful) aspects of the garden of your life.

When any gardener begins, he starts with a template.  Then he moves on to identify the soil, to obtain the seeds, the life sustaining nurturance, and the appropriate seasons for each plant. Then he uses the Law of Attraction to bring everything together and to expect the garden he envisioned.

Begin the Garden of Your life; create the template that most sings to your soul; align with the Law of Attraction, then take the actions necessary to plant, tend, and reap the benefits of the Garden of Your Life.


Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities.
Remember you have three choices: Take it, leave it or change it.
—Marsha Petrie Sue


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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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