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Weight Loss: Turning “Those Pants” into “Your Pants”

redShoesHave you ever felt like you’re stuck in big-girl pants, and no matter how hard you’ve tried, you can’t get rid of them—for good? In fact, you can’t figure out how you’ve allowed yourself to get stuck in those darn pants in the first place. After all, you’re a smart, savvy, and successful woman. But this weight thing has got you stumped—and for too long.

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You’ve Tried to Lose Weight!

And it isn’t like you’ve never tried to lose weight. You’ve probably hopped aboard the diet-go-round at least once, and maybe dozens of times. You know how it goes. You count, measure, weigh, deprive, starve, crave, sneak, cheat, and feel guilt. Your weight goes down, and up, and down and up, plateaus, plateaus, plateaus, and finally you lose—a pound. Then two pounds boomerang right back after eating out with your friends. You can’t help but feel frustrated—one more time.

Do Diets Work?

The evidence in your mind probably adds up to this: diets don’t work. If they did work, the I-want-to-lose-weight-NOW diet-crazed America woman would be trim and fit instead of getting way too big for her britches. You can’t help but sigh. You know you need to shed some layers.

“The you tomorrow is worth your effort today.”
—Dr. Leslie Van Romer

Those fat stats lurk in your mind.

  • Too much weight has now surpassed smoking as the nation’s number one cause of preventable death.
  • 400,000 deaths every year in America can be directly attributed to too much weight.
  • Twenty pounds of extra fat at twenty-years-old to middle age doubles the risk of breast cancer.
  • Obesity (BMI of 30 or about 30 pounds overweight) increases risk of colon cancer by three to four times; heart disease by two to three times.
  • Women with BMI of 30 or more increase their relative risk of getting type 2 diabetes by 3000 percent–a greater correlation than the smoking-lung cancer correlation at 2000 percent relative risk.
  • Diabetes increases risk of fatal stroke by two times and heart attack by four times, not to mention blindness, kidney failure, and amputations.

But no matter how shocking and scary the stats, the weight-disease-death connection doesn’t motivate weight loss—at least over the long haul. In fact, even witnessing a mother’s, sister’s, or friend’s struggle with weight and its devastating consequences may strum the heart strings, but doesn’t typically move women toward the lifetime commitment to reach their own ideal weights and stay there.

What Motivates Weight Loss?

Then what does motivate a woman to boldly leap into the weight loss arena one more time? Appearance. As the lotion, cosmetic, clothing, and plastic surgery industries can attest to, we women want to look good, or at least as good as we can, and we want to feel good about how we look. Getting into those pants, the ones tucked away in your closet, is tangible and relevant right now; relating to a maybe-someday disease is not.

So let’s take the Mirror Test, shall we? First, put on a pair of pants, the ones you wear a lot and a top that comes down to your waist. Stand in front of a mirror and do what most women do—look at yourself face on, turn to one side, and check yourself out—notice your butt and stomach. Turn with your backside to the mirror and look back over your shoulder. Well? Are you happy with how you look?

Okay, that was the first part—the easy part. Now stand in front of the mirror—this time naked—yes, clothes off! Turn all the way around. Ask yourself one question: do you love the reflection looking back at you? If yes, congratulations to you! If no, are you tired of looking the way you do? Are you tired of wearing that size pants? Are you tired of feeling tired and old before your time? Are you tired of not feeling good about yourself?

If you’re fed up with any one of these things, and maybe more, then ask yourself the next question? Are you really ready to lose weight by making permanent food and lifestyle changes?

“Be the hero of your dream-come-true. ”
—Dr. Leslie Van Romer

If yes, then forward ho! If no, don’t set yourself up for failure. For you, the time to start a weight-loss program is not now. It’s when you’re 100% committed to YOU.

The only slip-up is to give up.
—Dr. Leslie Van Romer

Weight Loss Tips

What does it take to lose those unwanted pounds so you can slip into those pants calling your name?

Here are the four “gotta’s” for permanent weight loss:

  1. You’ve got to really want it. It takes a shift in thinking, daily choices, and lifestyle habits to permanently shift your weight. At first, every choice requires constant mindfulness until excellent choices gradually transform into mindless habits.
  2. You’ve got to have a simple plan—a plan that gives you the most nutrition for the calorie buck, lots fresh fruits and vegetables. The plan must make sense to you, and certainly not all or nothing, and help you gently transition from where you are now to where you want to go—one step at a time.
  3. You’ve got to have hope—hope that with an “I can do it” plan, you can lose weight and lose it for the long haul of life, not for the short sprint of a few months, and without starving, depriving, counting, measuring, craving, sneaking, or feeling guilty ever again.
  4. You’ve got to have ongoing support and accountability—from a friend, group, or weight-loss cheerleader. (Spouses usually are NOT ideal for this.)

Now take that next step and go for it! Just imagine how good it’s going to feel to finally turn “those pants” into “your pants”—and this time for good! And when you do, remember to look over your shoulder into the mirror and feel great about you!

“You are the master of your own choices
and either the beneficiary of or the slave to the consequences.”
—Dr. Leslie Van Romer

About the Author: Dr. Leslie Van Romer

Leslie Van Romer

Leslie Van Romer

Dr. Leslie Van Romer, author of weight-loss, body-best book, Getting into Your Pants, and companion workbook, Getting into Your Pants PlayBook, is a chiropractor, motivational health speaker, and weight-loss cheerleader. She writes a weekly e-letter and has produced a series of CDs and DVDs on health-related topics, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, aging, menopause, common food myths, and weight loss. For more information, see how Dr. Leslie empowers individuals to transition to the next level of awareness, health, and ideal weight. Dr. Leslie makes you believe in you.

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