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Reduce Stress in your Life Using the Law of Attraction

How we each deal with stress and stressful times
defines the quality of our lives and our life experience.
—Barbara Joye

Even when moments are positive and beneficial, there is something about our current culture that seems to layer on stress for most of us. How we each deal with stress and stressful times defines the quality of our lives and our life experience.

If you find that you are dealing with a great deal of stress; if you find that you awaken each morning wondering what else is going to happen to create an even more difficult life experience, you most likely are not using the tenants and reaping the benefits of optimizing The Law of Attraction.

Don’t Focus on the Negative

In a nutshell, The Law of Attraction states very clearly and concisely, that which we focus on we create in our lives. Life attracts like and energy level attracts energy level. Given this statement of what many would call fact, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by life …life will more than likely continue to overwhelm you. If you focus on the fact that life can’t get any worse …it will more than likely surprise you by becoming worse. If you’re worried that the “next shoe will fall” …then the proverbial shoe will more than likely fall—on your plans, on your dreams, on your life experience.

It’s these thoughts, which we feel more than justified in feeling and thinking, which create a continuation of the stress. It’s these thoughts and feelings which support our assumptions about life and how difficult life is.
Hopefully, you’re beginning to wonder about this Law of Life creating such havoc for you to experience. As long as you’re focused in a negative manner, this Law of Life does, in fact, create more negatives, more stress, in your life.


What if you were to make this dynamic law a friend instead of a foe? What if you were to focus on the positive in your life (and yes, there is positive in your life without stress) and let the Law of Attraction play out more of the stress-free positive in your life? What if you were to release your expectations of others and yourself?  What if you were to begin to attract differently? This would allow The Law of Attraction to support you in living a dynamic and significantly less stressful life. Here’s how you can do it.

Start Each Day Using The Law of Attraction for Your Benefit

Begin by shifting your limiting beliefs. Begin with a simple application of The Law. Start each day, each morning before you get out of bed, with the simple thought that:

  • “This day is going to be awesome.” or
  • “I am filled with gratitude for this magnificent day I am about to begin.” or
  • “Life is bringing me wonderful and incredible opportunities and possibilities – and I embrace and delight in each.”

Now, if you make any these statements, or similar statements, and then feel the great joy you anticipate, you will naturally and effortlessly shift your entire day. I guarantee it. Isn’t that a great guarantee? Think of what a difference this can make.

If, however, you make these statements with an attitude of “This won’t work” or “What are you thinking telling me to say these silly things?” then you will continue to live the life you have been living with all of the stress and the resulting stressful health issues impacting you. Isn’t it worth it to take this small step each morning?

And how do I know this? I have been shifting my morning beliefs one morning at a time. I have been practicing optimizing the Law of Attraction so it supports what I want to create in my life. In my non-scientific experiment with both myself and my clients, those of us who begin each day truly feeling blessed and capable of whatever life brings us, report living a very different life experience. Those clients who use the statements and then argue with me that life is simply not that good, amazingly continue to experience a life that is not “that good.”

The wise woman recognizes her limiting beliefs and takes steps to shift them. The wise woman understands how to optimize the energy flow in her life through the Law of Attraction. Be one of these wise women. Shift your limiting beliefs; shift your relationship to the Law of Attraction; shift your stress levels and enjoy life more.

About the Author, Barbara Joye

Barbara Joye

Barbara Joye, "The Shift Guru"

You have heard all about the Law of Attraction …
You have read The Secret …
Now, it is time for you to be presented with the process for using these principles to create the life you desire. Barbara Joye brings this information to you in her book The Creating Formula.

Barbara Joye's book, The Creating Formula

Barbara Joye is a Re-invention Life Coach and Wisdom Connection therapist. Through this practice, she assists individuals in re-inventing themselves, often gathering information by connecting to their ‘higher’ or Wisdom selves to better understand their current life and the agenda their Soul came to accomplish. In her work she shows how you can allow the law of attraction to work in the direction you most desire. Barbara Joye has been laughingly and lovingly proclaimed as The Shift Guru.

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