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What Are Your Relationship Beliefs?

Using Principles from The Secret,
You Can Attract Relationships You Desire

Inside relationships it’s important to first understand who’s coming into the relationship, and not just your partner. You need to understand yourself first.
—Lisa Nichols from The Secret

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The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful and dynamic universal principles. This law is also one of the most dynamic and powerful tools you can use to attract the relationships you want in your life.

Having read this, the question you may have in your mind is: “How do I optimize this dynamic tool to create the relationships I want in my life”?

The answer is to follow the basic principles of the Law of Attraction, as noted in The Secret. Those basic principles tell us that the beliefs we hold, both those we are consciously aware of as well as those we are not consciously aware of, determine the energy which we each send into our world.  Further, the energy we send into the world determines the energy that we attract. That is how the Law of Attraction operates in the energetic field.

What Are Your Relationship Beliefs?

  • Do you believe you are worthy of a relationship of dynamic proportions?
  • Do you believe an individual exists that would be the wonderful match you desire?
  • Do you believe you will recognize this individual upon arrival?

If you answer YES to each of these beliefs, you are most likely in at least one dynamic relationship in your life and have that one very special relationship many individuals desire.

If you are seeking different relationships in your life from what you now have, then you most likely are not currently embracing one or more of the three beliefs mentioned earlier. The fact that you are seeking different types of relationships indicates you are intending to shift some of your beliefs.  And with your intentions come your willingness to consider differently those actions and attitudes you hold about life.

Do You Need To Change Your Beliefs?

To begin shifting your relationship beliefs, begin by noticing:

  • Notice the types of individuals and relationships you are bringing into your life;
  • Notice how you feel about those relationships, how satisfying and complimentary you find these relationships to be;
  • Notice when you last attracted a relationship that you were really enjoying – a relationship that supported you on many levels.

As you focus on this area, you can begin to understand the beliefs you hold about your ability to attract, maintain and enhance relationships.  As you analyze your relationships, you’re able to understand who you perceive yourself to be and how you interface in your relationships.

These bits of information provide each of us with critical information related to our beliefs about relationships. These bits of information allow us to understand the shifts we truly desire.



When we’re able to fully embrace the beliefs of our own worthiness to attract and recognize dynamic relationships, we‘re then able to attract, via the Law of Attraction, those relationships which allow us to create the dynamic and fulfilling lives we all desire.

Your New Beliefs Will Change Your Life Using The Law Of Attraction

Begin to shift your beliefs related to your worthiness to be in wonderful, dynamic relationships; believe that there are individuals who can bring value and delight to your life; and believe that you will know them when you meet them.

When you truly own these beliefs, you will begin to attract the relationships you desire through the Law of Attraction and will begin to experience them in your life.

Once this process has started, your relationship intentions will also shift: from a wish to a knowing; from a desire to a belief; and from a possibility to a certainty.

Shift your personal beliefs of worthiness of desirable relationships. Incorporate these beliefs into your intentions. Then, utilize the Law of Attraction to attract these supportive relationships, creating a platform for success and enjoyment.

Then enjoy these relationships and express your sincere gratitude!

About the Author, Barbara Joye

Barbara Joye

Barbara Joye, "The Shift Guru"

You have heard all about the Law of Attraction …
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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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