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How You Can Use the Law of Attraction to Create a New You!

Change Your Thoughts and Your Life Using this Powerful Tool

Do you want your life to be different?  Do you wonder how to create changes in your life? Have you ever attempted to shift your life, your perception of you, and not known exactly how to go about it?

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful tools to use when you want to change your reality. The Law of Attraction, or the Boomerang Law as some know it, is one of the most powerful ways to make the changes you desire in your perceptions of your life, of yourself, and of all that is available to you.

The Law of Attraction simply states that which we breathe into the world is that which we bring back to us multifold. And yes, this is a rather simple explanation for one of the most powerful laws of the Universe, and yet, it is just this simple. The challenge is that we do not tend to monitor our thoughts or our breaths!

Focus on Positive Thoughts About the Change You Want

We tend to focus on the negative and wonder why we receive more negativity (just more of the same) in return. We tend to focus on what needs to change rather than on the actions or perspectives or beliefs that we might consider adopting to create the changes we desire.

The expectations you hold of The Law of Attraction determines how difficult or easy it is to create what you want in your life. Working with The Law of Attraction means you begin by considering all that you want to shift – the outcomes you desire to be different in your life. These may be outcomes of thoughts and perspectives of self and others as well as any shifts you would like to make in your physical world.

The Law of Attraction Magnifies Negative Thoughts

Once you have begun to consider how you would like to ‘reshape your reality’, your next step is to consider how you think about your reality and the possibility of the reshaping it. If you want to reshape something that you honestly believe it is not possible to change, it is most likely that The Law of Attraction is going to work opposite of how you want…for you will be attracting more of either non-belief in the possibility which will maintain the current status quo, or you will attract more of what you don’t want due to negative thoughts about what is possible.

Do You Think a Positive Change is Possible?

Begin reshaping using The Law of Attraction by considering your perspectives. If you discover that you don’t think the change you desire is possible, begin focusing on how you might shift your perspective to begin to believe it is possible. Nothing more. Simply focus on how you might believe such a change is possible. Consider what your thoughts and feelings would be IF you believed such a reshaping is possible. Engage your thinking here. Engage The Law of Attraction in this perception shift first. You will be creating a more dynamic possibility of change. And isn’t that a step in the right direction?

Be Patient When Looking for the Change

Realize that it may take some time for this shift in perspective to become actualized. Recognize your impatience to move through this step onto the next. Then remain here until you are convinced of your shift in perspective that change is possible. This one step, simultaneously simple and complex, is the step that is most often missed and, by being missed, creates the greatest degree of frustration. Meditate, pray; engage The Law of Attraction in this step of shifting perspective until you are full and truly convinced of the possibilities of reshaping your life the way you want.

Once you are genuinely convinced the reshaping you desire is possible, then simply breathe it into being by believing it will occur. Live as if it has occurred in your thoughts, speech and actions. Begin to notice that it has occurred simply and effectively and without struggle.

Overcome the Struggle in Using The Law of Attraction

The struggle in optimizing The Law of Attraction is in the shifting of perspective so we can truly attract what we desire, and not merely what we originally believed was possible. The difference between the two is significant and the difference is reflected in our lives.

Enjoy engaging with The Law of Attraction, first with a shifting of perspective, quickly followed by a reshaping of your reality, and then by watching with delight as your daily life experience unfolds as you envisioned.

About the Author, Barbara Joye

Barbara Joye

Barbara Joye, "The Shift Guru"

You have heard all about the Law of Attraction …
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