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Create the Future of Your Dreams: Adjust Your Foundation!

Change can either challenge or threaten us.
Your beliefs pave your way to success or block you.

—Marsha Sinetar

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Like any building, your life requires a foundation.  As with any building, the foundation you’ve built determines the opportunities in the life you’re leading.

Have you ever considered the foundation you’ve built?  Have you reviewed the beliefs and perceptions upon which you’re constructing your life?  If you haven’t, now is the perfect time to begin shifting your foundation; which will change, either subtly or significantly, your daily life.

You began building your foundation when you were very young. You began building it even before you were born, as you interpreted the world through your mother’s emotions. After birth, you interpreted the world through your parent’s sense of safety and then through your parent’s words and actions. All of this occurred before you had awareness of the impact these beliefs would have. Your foundational beliefs, the ones you absorbed during childhood, are now running your life, invisibly and insidiously. Is this what’s best for you?

The beliefs referenced  here are not those faith-based beliefs you are aware of. This article is addressing those beliefs which you are not aware of; the beliefs which cause you to act or react in a certain way to a particular situation or group of situations.

The Belief Continuum provides you with a tool to begin understanding those deep, unconscious beliefs. This tool simply states that our Beliefs create Positions we hold in life which create Mentalities we tell ourselves, which create Outcomes. And the outcomes are what you know as your life.

  • Beliefs
  • Positions
  • Mentalities
  • Outcomes

The key to understanding your Beliefs is to listen to your Mentalities—what you say to yourself and others about a particular situation.

Many women hold a belief about the “glass ceiling” in the business world.  As you consider this topic, listen to your thoughts.  If you hear yourself thinking….”Well, of course there is a glass ceiling!  The old boy network is certainly not going to let me through!”…then you have a belief which says the glass ceiling is present and limiting your upward career movement. If you hear yourself thinking…”I have heard of the glass ceiling and I have seen others impacted by it and I am not certain it is going to affect me.”…then you have a different belief about the “glass ceiling.”   Or, as another example (and yes, this does exist) you might hear yourself say….”The glass ceiling is my friend. Businesses are so sensitive to it that I have a better chance for promotion than ever before. The times are changing and I am going to ride the new tide!”

Each of these three mentalities is fueled by a belief and the belief is nearly always able to support the mentalities. Said another way, the beliefs we each hold about anything create our experience of the situation. And, if our experience of a situation does not support our belief about the event, then we discount it as a fluke or a unique event…not something that is real.

From the Mentalities we can discern that the underlying beliefs are most likely different. The first is likely to limit career advancement; the second will create little impact to the individual’s career; and the third will further that individual’s career.

Notice your emotions regarding the possibilities. If you have a very firm belief about women’s careers and the lack of possibilities, you may well become defensive. If you are, your belief is deeply rooted and you have proven it right over and over again. If you have a firm belief that the glass ceiling is supporting women’s careers, you identified a reason why any woman did not received a promotion. Your belief will also prove itself right.

If you’re interested in creating shifts in your life, begin listening to your Mentalities on the subject or scenario you are not pleased with in your life. Notice how tightly or loosely you hold your mentalities to be right. If you are defending your thinking on a particular topic, know that you may not be ready to release that belief. It is when you begin to consider options in your thinking that you are truly ready to shift your perspectives, your beliefs, and your life.

Shifting your beliefs creates shifts in your foundation which create different life perceptions and experiences. Enjoy your shifts. Enjoy your new, improved life!

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