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Allowing the Law of Attraction: Your Life is an Outcome of Your Beliefs

Eifel Tower, Paris, FranceWe each move about in our daily lives wondering why our friends and co-workers have better, different, or less positive lives than we do. We never seem to contemplate how it is that our lives are being created.

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Your life is an outcome of your beliefs—all of your beliefs. The beliefs being discussed here are the beliefs which you accepted, most likely when you were between the ages of two and five years old, and which you have fully and totally forgotten—pushed into your subconscious.

These are the beliefs that you accepted as truths for your life when you heard a statement made, watched someone react to a situation, or were blatantly told. The beliefs may reflect a series of events or a one time off-the-cuff comment. And, very innocently and unintentionally, you accepted a belief into your psyche which has been quietly and insidiously running your life.

At this point in your life it matters little what event or events caused you to create the belief, what matters is whether or not you want to retain each separate belief—whether or not the belief supports you by allowing the law of attraction to create the life you desire.

Let’s review a few of the concepts outlined thus far.

First, you are the individual who accepted a belief into your psyche—no one else could accept that belief on your behalf. This is why different individuals who have experienced the same scenarios have created different beliefs to hold in relation to themselves and the world around them.

Secondly, your beliefs do create the life you are living. They create this life due to the fact that they color your every perception of life, your every response to life, and therefore your every experience of life. Your beliefs create your life, whether you believe it or not.

And finally, since it is you who created your beliefs, albeit at a young and innocent age, and your beliefs create your life, therefore you create your life. This flow is incredibly frustrating unless you are aware of how to shift a belief.

To shift a belief, it is important to understand the Belief Continuum. The Belief Continuum simply states that Beliefs create Positions, which create Mentalities, which create Outcomes. Beliefs, which are held deeply in your psyche, are revealed in your life by the Positions you hold on every topic, event and possibility life presents. You can best understand these Positions by listening to your Mentalities—the thoughts you think—the emotions you feel around a particular topic, event or possibility. And the Belief, presented to you by your Position and Mentalities, creates an Outcome.

Most individuals look to the outcome to determine their belief on a particular topic or event or possibility. My research indicates that many beliefs can create the same outcome; in fact, beliefs which are not similar can create the same outcome. I recommend instead that you focus on the Mentalities to identify your underlying belief or beliefs.

The Five Steps to shift a belief (and your life) are as follows:

In any situation in your life…and you may choose to begin with a situation of little value to practice this process before you begin to engage a situation which evokes a great deal of emotion. Follow these five simple steps:

  1. Notice a situation. In noticing, listen to your thoughts, feel your feelings, and recognize the impact of your thoughts and feelings on how you are perceiving the situation and therefore your possible actions within the situation.
  2. Identify how determined you are to hold these thoughts and feelings — realize how entrenched this belief is in your life. This step will tell you how truly willing you are to shift the belief.
  3. If you have identified anything you are willing to shift about your thinking and emotion in this situation, begin to consider the other ways you may have of perceiving the situation. This step can provide options which you may not have considered in the past. In this step you are moving back along the Belief Continuum to the Position point.
  4. Begin to consider alternative positions you may hold. Notice the statement, begin to consider…you are not shifting yet, you are considering. Once you find a position you feel comfortable with, identify the perception you must hold to maintain this position (and the mentalities it creates).
  5. Shift your belief to support this perception.

As if by magic, you have shifted a belief—you have affected the law of attraction toward the direction you desire. By practicing this process you can begin to make significant shifts in your everyday living; in the life you are creating; and in the joy or sorrow you experience.
Enjoy the process—Enjoy the empowerment of the shift—Enjoy the life you create.

About the Author

Barbara Joye, The Shift Guru

You have heard all about the Law of Attraction…

You have read The Secret…

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Barbara Joye is a Re-invention Life Coach and Wisdom Connection therapist. Through this practice, she assists individuals in re-inventing themselves, often gathering information by connecting to their ‘higher’ or Wisdom selves to better understand their current life and the agenda their Soul came to accomplish. In her work she shows how you can allow the law of attraction to work in the direction you most desire. Barbara Joye has been laughingly and lovingly proclaimed as The Shift Guru.

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