Thursday, July 27, 2017


Victories Emerging From Victim Stories

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.—Alice Walker

When we stop identifying ourselves as victims we are victorious, unstoppable, and invincible. We demonstrate to the world and ourselves our worthiness. Imagine what would happen to the world if all women everywhere stopped feeling like victims? Our world would definitely be a better place.

Motivation for Your Best Future

Manager to Leader

There are many lessons we can employ to inspire and motivate us. One of the quickest, and my favorite, is to read an inspiring quotation and sit for a moment thinking about it. Give a moment to each of these inspiring quotations and see if they help motivate you to create your best future.

Your Life Can Be like the Garden of Versailles

Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities.
Remember you have three choices: Take it, leave it or change it.
—Marsha Petrie Sue

Why Fear is Powerful and How a Failure Can Help You Succeed

leaving on a train

Fear can manifest in many different ways. Sometimes it’s even so well disguised that we call it something else. For instance, have you ever used one of these crutches: waiting, explaining, doubting, or remaining in your comfort zone? Don’t let fear keep your life from progressing. Progression is a journey that leads to accomplishment, to moving on, to developing a better you, a better life.

And Then There was Aretha

Aretha Franklin

Our individual definitions of respect have as many shapes and colors as there are women. Every woman instinctively senses what respect feels like in our bodies and souls. The mystery is how can this be when some women seldom feel respected by anyone around them? Do we know respect in the coding of our souls? Or do we know respect because we know denigration, condescension, abuse, and tolerance so well? Feeling respected by those around us may be elusive, and will be more forthcoming the more we respect ourselves. The more we value ourselves, the more we are perceived as having value.